cryptic gurl
2010-07-05 07:23:10 (UTC)

What a shame

It's sad when who you thought was your best friend has to check her calendar
to check if she's free to see you..

it's sad when you used to text she'd answer back in a split second but now
she might not even answer...

Used to wait on ur texts.. used to wait on your call

Never was afraid of tripping.... I knew you'd be there when i fall.
( part of a poem i wrote)

U used to yell at me if you found out that i was sad and didn't tell you... used
to get pissed if i didn't text u all the time.... I was hooked on you we had so
much fun.... laughing till our stomaches hurt and our moms yelled..

Watching movie after movie and falling asleep on the floor,,,,
studying till 10pm then getting yelled at from my mom for not being home...

Make fun of our Dr's.... their accents we both perfect..... remembering our
lectures and how we muffled our laughs...

I smile when i look at our pictures... our crazy moments together... some
pictures upside down,,,, others in the mall.... all the times we almost got
kicked out of the movies and stores because of YOU and yes i do think it was
all ur fault....

I remember the first day we met.... our first impressions,,,, you thought to ur
self I'm hannah montana while i thought u were so dark and mysterious,,,,
who thought we would become friends,,, we weren't expecting it... the first
time we hit it of though was when we snuck around looking for girls student
ID's then going to check out their grades.... it was so funny how u said
sarcastically " aaaaaw she got a C" and we laughed our asses of then u turned
around and walked into the glass door... I swear I almost peed myself....

I want those days back,,, miss u a lot,,, but u don't seem to miss be.... I'm
tired of asking and u saying ur busy so I guess i won't ask no more.... what a
shame... we had a good friendship but maybe u never felt the way i did...
what a shame....