down in my eyes
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2010-07-04 04:55:03 (UTC)

Straight up, & the second star to the left.

I hear crickets somewhere out there.. & a
moment ago, I heard sirens, in the distance. I
could tell they weren't traveling down my
street, but I'm sure they were no more than a
couple blocks away. & As the sirens faded away
into the night, I couldn't help but wonder who
the paramedics are rescuing.. or perhaps, who's
last breath will it be tonite, And Why?
I'm alive & well. Aside from the horrible
headache I had earlier. As I sit here in the dark
now, listening to Fiona Apple, I fiddle with one
of my necklaces that was made with elephant
shaped charms*. & I'm dwelling.. As I peek
through my blinds, and up at the night sky, I
wonder as well, just, How High is the closest
star? & I wish I knew how they were up close &
how it is to touch one. Brilliant, I imagine.

My beloved one is somewhere with his friends
right now. But, that's okay. Homework is
waiting for me to get it done. College is no
joke. & I have recently started to open up my
eyes. Better late than never. Off I go.

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