hopelessly unromantic

diary of someone who cant let go
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2010-07-04 04:18:57 (UTC)

most stories are best well explained..

soo, it was my first year at a new school and i knew
noone. soon after school started, we were introduced to
each other. a few days later, we both complimented the
other one at the same time. the next week you met me at my
locker in the morning...you asked for my number...we
talked all night.
not soon after i fell so terrible in love with you. and
you said the same about me. i think your words were "dream
girl". we did everything together. you were the most
adorablest little thing ever. even when we fought i loved
it. i made you fight with me. then we broke up...soon
after you lost your virginity. i was wildly jealous.

the next year...i looked up and saw you walking...i
smiled...you mouthed, "i love you" at me. and once you
were gone i texted you and said, "me?"
you: "yes"
"but why?"
you:"you were the only one who has ever cared for me."
and honey i took that shit to heart. and then we stopped

years later i was hanging around your home room...but not
for you. i had friends in there. but we started talking
again. you'd always say how much you'd only want me to be
happy and you'd stay up all night texting me and making me
promise you bullshitty things.
last week of school, you asked me to go somehwere with
you...next thing i know, i'm at your house, making you
food. then we're sitting together in the grass and you're
staring at me the way you use too. and god does it feel
then summer came and i left for 2 weeks. i texted you the
whole time. you fussed with me alot but i didnt mind it.

now we're in july and we still talk and you wouldnt let me
go out of town because you wanted to chill...
then i saw your relationship status.
and i knew she'd never let you hang out with me.
so now im sitting here drowning in my thought when i could
be killing them with alcohol.
thanks alot.

hopelessly unromantic and pissed off at you.

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