hopelessly unromantic

diary of someone who cant let go
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2010-07-04 04:03:44 (UTC)

all my efforts go to waste..

it's been forever, but for some reason beyond my knowing,
i just cant get over you. i talk to you every fucking day
and you always tell me how much you care and shit...but if
you really knew me, you'd im dying for some kind of
physical contact with you; a hug, a handshake..anything?
god i am an idiot.
but i just think if i can get my hands on you one more
time, it will kill all these supressed feelinds i've had
for 4 years.
i thought we were rekindling. then i found out you and my
bestfriend has a sexual favor contract. but soon after,
you said you wouldnt mind fucking me. oh but then i had to
hear about you fighting and having sex with your ex wich
you know just thrilled me. but somehow im not suprised.

i'm always second best.

hoplessly unromantic..

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