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2010-07-03 00:35:43 (UTC)

There's a first for everything.

Okay, so maybe this isn't my first day on Summer
vacation, or first time in Sacramento, or my first day with
my dad on my summer vacation, in fact,it's all my second!
haha, so you're thinking, ok then why did you title
this "There's a first time for everything"? WELL! Last
night was my first time meeting Gabe, and kissing him, and
well.. first tiem unmentionables. Also, this is my frist
time ever writing on some web-page i've never been to, and
allowing it to be public. And last night, was the first
time I ever cheated on Joe. And it's the last.

I love Joe more then I love anyone who breathes on this
planet. He's everything I can ask for, and so much more. He
does so much for me, and he gives me feelings no one ever
has before. I can easily go on and on about everything good
about him and drive you insane, but I'd rather not. I know
how I feel about him, and I'm sure other people out there
share feelings like mine. Anyways, Point is, I feel

He needs to know about this, and I'm going to tell him.
All it was, was a kiss. And I know some people don't even
consider that cheating, well I do, I consider anything
chea.... You know what? this is boreing as hell.

I love cheese and milk, but they took my gal blatter out,
now I'm lactsiose intollarent. FML


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