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2010-07-03 00:29:29 (UTC)

So mad about nothing

I can't figure it out. It's just little things that keep
adding up. And it feels like I'm stepping on egg shells
around my family. One wrong step and everything will come
crashing down.

First off my husband has a hectic work schedule which I
have never minded in the past. Except now we no longer live
together. So he wants to see me everyday still but
sporadically and on his terms.

Not only do I have little say in when he visits I have to
wait for him to be "in the mood." I had to go three days of
nothing before I dressed for success.

I'm dog sitting which is helping me in a way to not be so
depressed about my little boy, but she just isn't my dog. I
don't know what to do about her moods. She is a very
talkative dog when she wants something, but I just don't
know what that is when she has been fed and walked. Then
she gets mad and pees on the floor when I walk away. It's
exasperating when I just walked her.

I'm alone 21-23 hours out of the day. My job doesn't
require me right now. I'm so sick of being unproductive and

I guess I'm just unhappy with myself right now. I'll have
to work on it.

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