The Apocalypse
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2010-07-03 00:03:00 (UTC)

Last Straw

It seems all we do anymore is argue. Over her family and
their "visitation terms" we aren't twelve and truthfully I
will not officially propose to Monica until her family
realizes this. I am so damn tired of arguing over her family
this may sound wrong but they aren't worth it, no one is
worth us arguing over nor losing our relationship over. I am
tired of getting into arguments with Monica. Do I love her?
Yes, more than life, but I am done dealing with this. If the
situation between us doesn't get better and her family
doesn't stop this within the next 3weeks I'm done. I keep
telling her I won't leave her but I can't do this anymore it
hurts way too much. Maybe in the future when her family
stops treating her as if she is 3 and doesn't give us these
stupid ass rules we will get back together. She says they
are doing what is best for her but it isn't what is best for
me. I wont put up with it any longer. I can't predict the

These next 3 weeks determine whether or not we stay together
I hope they turn out well. She has the nerve to get an
attitude with me over it well I am sorry but it sure as hell
isn't my family causing all these problems. So don't get
sarcastic with me and say "I'll get sarcastic whenever I
want". Other people may put up with your attitude and
bullshit but I will not. This is the last straw.

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