cryptic gurl
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2010-07-02 21:45:32 (UTC)

wonder what's gonna happen tomorrow

Well my friend isn't back to normal yet,,, she's still distant,,, I'm not sure what
I'm supposed to do,,, I really need some alone time with her to sort things out,,,
I'm picking her and our other friend up tomorrow at 9... at least I'll pick her up
first so we can talk alone in the car a while,,, see where i stand,,,, I should write
about what happened before all this crap,,, why I feel so awkward...

Me and her kissing and holding hands,,,, we got so close,,, she filled the void
that M left when we broke up,,, but then her and S started kissing and they were
planning to get together,,, all this happening while i was with her,,, I feel so
betrayed,,, so stupid!! but hey thats another story for another day,,,

I just hope we can sort things out tomorrow i just really want to be alone with
her,,, thats when we connect the most,,, when we'd stay in all day watching
movies and talking,,, going all crazy and hyper,,, its just she's always so busy
these days and so moody,,, I don't know my self-esteem is just shot to zero
now,,, I feel so confused and lost,,, and so alone,,, i knew I shouldn't have let
my guard down,,,, knew I shouldn't have gotten attached,,, the problem is I have
absolute no control over my feelings!!