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2010-07-02 01:19:53 (UTC)

1st July 2010.......why

Well mum has been on holiday for 4 days now, and everyday it
seem that I get a phone call or a text from someone in the
family to ask how the bloody dogs are, I'm 28 years old for
fuck sake why cant anyone think that i cant look after the
house and the dogs on my own

Mum rang today and the 1st thing that she asked was how are
the dogs, not how and I but the dogs.....its like thats all
she cares about, when she is here shes always on teh
computer and sits there looking at the fuckin dog website
and if she isnt on it (which is a rare thing) then she sits
and slags all the family off.

I found out from lynn that mum almost had an affair with her
ex husband Dave, this has really pissed me off, I knew about
him and the fact that he came back into mums life but for
her to even think about havin an affair behind Terrys back
after all that he has done for us....I would kill her. I
dont think I should tell anyone about this, not even shelly
because she would open her fuckin mouth to mum and it would
rip the family apart. but why is it always left to me to
know, why should I be the one to always carry the shit
around of the family.

Still alone.....dont think that I wil ever find love, Im not
that good lookin and I dont think I can get out the habbit
of sleepin with random ppl, my mates say that i wont find
love in any of them and i know its true but i just cant stop
myself, I love sex and will get it anywhere I like or how I
like!!! but why cant mr. right be rright here where i can
see him, why do i always feel that after having sex with a
random guy that i will never see again do i feel dirty, but
I cant stop doin it!!!

mybe its just me being silly, maybe i should listen to a
mate of mine and leave london and see the world a bit more,
maybe mr right is out there looking for me right now and im
sat in this house all the time because of mum and the
dogs.........I have no fuckin life to go out and when i do i
always seem to fuck a random guy.