cryptic gurl
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2010-07-01 11:20:39 (UTC)

Got In

After one year of working my ass off and studying like hell... yesterday on the
internet our names were released and i got in into medical school,,, so why
aren't I excited? probably caz my best friends didn't text to congratulate me
when i texted both of them with my congratulations,,, well from now on I'm
trying not to care as much as i used to,,, Damn it I'm always oversensitive and
cry over everything ( i know lame right?) I just can't help it!! If i could I swear I
would never cry or care!

My parents aren't that excited either, i Think its caz they knew i would get in,,, i
dunno I'm just bummed out today.

You c hear in kuwait when I graduated i applied for medical school and got it,,,
but we have this prep year ( thats what i call it) when your not technically in
medical school your in "health science center" you have o get a certain GPA and
pray to Go that you get it ( they accept 250 students and about 100 get kicked
out) talk about competition,, but all ended well and I am now officially a MEd.

Trying to enjoy my summer but my mood is just,,, well i think you get my point.