cryptic gurl
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2010-07-01 11:05:01 (UTC)

Friend or not?

signed up hear basically to vent.

So, called my friend who i haven't heard from since the last time we went out,
asked her if she wanted to go to the beach. She said yes of course, so i woke up
at around 9 called her she didn't pick up,,, went back to sleep and over slept,,
called her at around 11;45 and she picked up,,, told her it was kinda late for
tanning and i had a family gathering and didn't like to be rushed so we'd go sat..
after i shut the phone got this loooong message saying how no one can depend
on me for waking them up and that I'm irresponsible and selfish ( don't get the
selfish part) and i only think about myself,,, she also added that she never
wanted to go out with me again not to the beach or anywhere,,, I get PISSED,,,
who the hell do u think u are telling me this crap! i don't hear from u ever unless
i text u about going out,,, I'm the one that always picks u up (she doesn't drive)
from anywhere any time! and takes her everywhere with me,,, I always wanna be
with her to a point where i think I'm clingy,,, drop her back home and never tell
her that I can't! she doesn't appreciate anything!! and she's the one that used to
talk about appreciation from our other friend and how she doesn't appreciate
what she does for her,,, and she's doing worse to me WTF!! I'm just real pissed