Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2010-06-30 05:48:14 (UTC)

The Viewed Skewed

I am back. I have a certain sense of, I can't quite pin the
right word down, but the closest I come to is that I've
reached a sort of existential denouement, if you will.

The Good.

The Drama of my life is, if not over, has as I shall
delicately put it, been buried alive 6 feet under. I have
nothing hanging over my head, which has been my own personal
damacles sword swaying by a needlethread for far too long.
It's actually just a bit surreal not having to wonder "what
next?" all the time. If you've never felt that kind of
thing, imagine being a half drowned cat thrown into a
blender along with something akin to a "carrot-stick"
scenario and then someone playing russian roulette with the
"Puree" button. Apt analogy, I think.

The Bad.

The trustee's lost about $60,000 in bad investments. I have
no idea where the rest of it is, but I've been assured it's
coming. At this point, I honestly just couldn't care too
much. Shit happens. Yes I'm exceptionally angry. I haven't
lost my mind, but, if I dwell, that'd be worse. New Motto,
no dwelling on crap I can't change. Vent. Rant. Rave. Cry.
Punch hole in wall. Get over it and move on. Simple, quick,
not so easy, but worth trying very hard to work on.

The Ugly.

loves ended.

The Misadventure.

I hold my head high, and let none bother me, I am no worse for wear than I ever was. I'm a survivor.