Story of my Life
2010-06-30 03:42:42 (UTC)

Day 1 - Tuesday - June 29th 2010 - SUMMER

Dear Diary,
So to catch you up to speed my life has been pretty much a roller coaster. my parents divorced when i was 5 so it
wasn't a big blow. And my dad ended up moving to place to
place until a couple years ago when he came back here to
california. But then i went to boarding school and he went
to texas and got married. Now im back in california and just
finished my freshman year. it was pretty hard coming back to
a school that only knew me as a chubby sixth grade loser,
but i managed. im not the shit of my grade but im not down
to the lowest class either. But im still not satisfied. I
want guy friends, i want a boyfriend, and i want friends
that don't make me overthink our friendship. But nothings
like that in Los Angeles. nothing. my mom has been on her
own emotional rollercoaster lately. she just broke up with
her long distance boyfriend, has been doing bad at work, and
basically is just tired and sad all the time. She's at DSW
buying shoes right now which will hopefully be good for her
breakup. Now to me... well today my best friend riffany came
over and we just chilled and watched movies made a
schavenger hunt and then read 'thirteen reasons why'
together. oh yeah and we watched pretty little liars (
episode 4 ) pretty much the best books ever :). But yeah
that was our day! and tomorrow im going to go to the movies
with her and sareena to watch ECLIPSE! i am so excited!
hopefully its as good as the books haha. this is probably a
fail of an entry compared to other peoples. well now to the
emotional stuff? well my summers pretty much consumed with
swimming and chuck. chucks not some hot summer fling. its a
show. thats how screwed up my life is. i just watched all 3
seasons and now i need a new show to bite on. i have no guy
friends so why not watch shows with guys huh? i think i
might start watching the entourage! i knwo iknow. i live in
the city of angels. so much to do. so many things to see.
bullshit. its all but a city with fake people and fake lives
doing fake things to please fake people. and i hate this
world of fakefakefake its taken over my life! Now my mom
wants to take a job near texas and even if it might be good
for me to see my dad and such. i don't really think it'll be
good for me. i know i haven't progressed here. but i can't
keep moving. i was SO happy in india and i had to leave
cause of my mom. is she really expecting me to leave again?
i don't think thats fair. and oh i forgot abour clarissa. (
changed the name a bit but w/e) shes such a two sided
friend. but i'll empty my feelings about her later cause my
moms at the door and we have to go shoopping cause im going
to india on saturday! see you till next time

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