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2010-06-29 23:46:16 (UTC)

Luck ruck outa ideas

Well, let's see, i'm new here, and I have to say this is
pretty cool.
I have a problem with something, that something. Is major
writers block. I've been trying to get rid of it for god
knows how long! Basically I'm a fanfiction story writer,
for those of you who don't know what those are, it's when
you take a book/show/video game/ect. and change the plot
line or something, possibly add a character that you
created (known as an OC), and write the way you want it to
be. but anyways, I've taken on some story requests for
some people, all of which are for the popular 'Kingdom
Hearts' video game. I need two of these single chaptered
stories deticated to two different people with the video
game character 'Riku', two or three for 'Axel', and two as
well for 'Sora'....... Normally i'd be perfectly fine with
this, but like always, when I sit down on the computer
chair and stare at the screen, my mind is as blank as an
empty microsoft word dictionary! Gahh...... Well, I kinda
just needed to write this all out, release some writing
and such.........
Bye for now

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