2010-06-29 23:32:27 (UTC)


ello i was told to make this.So i can "share my feeling" with
other ppl.Well im gonna treat this like my own
really diary.that all i got to say about this diary.I`m not
really like other ppl, i know every person say tht, tht what
make u seem like im other ppl.

BUT, im not nice,kind,evil,mean,im all tht together.My problem
are like other ppl some problem.Some r not.
also pls tell if u like this and tell me if u dont.now i well
being my diary.

I`m being watch by a demon all day and night every time i see
this demon it smile at like it a good thing but i don`t have a
good feeling about it.But the more weird thing is tht you see
a ghost of u and the demon hugging well tht all for now and
this demon its liike it protecting me and if u know wat this
mean pls tell me

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