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2010-06-29 17:46:56 (UTC)

When Venus Fell

Title: When Venus Fell
Athor: Deborah Smith

Since her parents' deaths, Venus has learned to trust and
care for no one other than Ella. She is a brittle, smart-
mouthed woman with attitude up to her eyeballs. As a cover-
up, she has dyed her hair platinum blonde and added
synthetic braids and cornrows for dramatic effect. But her
crowning glory is her pierced navel. She has no interest in
helping out the Camerons, especially when she learns that
Gib is a former Secret Service agent - the exact type of
person she was raised to despise. But Gib has an offer for
Venus and Ella that they can't refuse. Their reluctantly
agreed-upon two week trip to Tennessee has long-lasting
repercussions for Arinellis and Camerons alike.

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