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2010-06-29 14:38:31 (UTC)

29.6.10 .............. It Begins

Its Tuesday 29th of June and I have OFFICIALLY decided to
starft dietin. None of the 2 day diets I usually plan,
this time its FOR REAL. Being a skint student I cant
afford to join any fancy diet clubs so I'm going to start
my own version of the weight watchers diet! I'm heading
to the shop shortly to stock up on some soups and things.

I did USED to be stick thin....... I blame my boyfriend
for this change in me haha. But now im 13 stone. 5ft 9.
size 14/16. NOT FOR LONG :) so keep your fingers crossed
for me and I'll keep you all posted on how I get on :)
time for a walk to the shops! Over and Out x

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