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2010-06-28 18:16:21 (UTC)

Still House hunting

Man, I'm pretty worn out with this house hunting thing
again. Lots of work and lots of research. I've been checking
out the neighborhood making sure it's kid friendly but now
I'm thinking what for?

They aren't living with me and my psycho ex is for sure not
going to let them live with me. So all this shit is for
nothing but I still do it.

Don't know if I mentioned this yesterday but Ex offered to
let me have the kids. I of course said yes. Then I waited,
and waited, and waited. Again, she didn't show. This is how
she is. I wasted my day. I could have actually spent time
with this other single Mom but no, I was duped again.

Fucking beeeaaatch!!!! Why the hell does she have to do
that? She didn't have to offer them in the first place and
it would've been all good. No... Instead, she opens her big
mouth and spurts out more lies and disappointments. I'm
still a little pissed off about it.

Oh well, I do have a homeowner that really is inerested in
renting out to me. She sent me a soft copy of the HOA crap.
That would be home owners association. This pretty much are
a bunch of old farts wanting some power and telling you how
you should do things. Fuck them and my Ex.

I do miss the little ones. I hope they are ok and don't feel
too sad that I'm not around. I'm going to have to face that
facts that this may be a permanent thing and that I won't
have the kids much or at all.

Oh well, I can't control evil people. I can only control
myself. So tonight is another night by myself. Fantastic!

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