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2010-06-28 02:17:21 (UTC)

i bought a vibrating bullet the..

i bought a 'vibrating bullet' the other day. i was just
horned up i suppose. my gosh. and it hasn't stopped. well
of course it hasnt cos i havent used it yet. i think i
bought it on tuesday night, and so it should have arrived
by now. so when i go back to london tomorrow afternoon, it
should be there. i think since ben texted me the other
day, my progress in forgetting about him etc has lapsed. i
really really want him. and i'm wistful. like maybe he
didn't mean to ignore me like that...? ah.

so now i'm just rambling. i'll go to his store on tuesday
i think. or maybe i'll speak to alistair first before i
do. back up plan perhaps.

so i had fun seeing sophie yesterday evening and just
really enjoyed going out on park street etc. i've never
really had the chance to enjoy it. she'll come down london
at some point.

can't be bothered with this no more..