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2010-06-27 17:39:10 (UTC)

Well, that didn't last long

I already got text msgs from the Ex today. That sure didn't
last long. She does the same old thing. Leave a msg then
don't reply to my comments. Same old same old.

She is getting more creative or dirty. She involves the kids
now. She asked if I wanted to see the kids today. So of
course, I say yes like a dumb ass. Of course, she drops off
the texting and don't reply to any details.

I was going to go with another single parent to an aquatic
center with her little girl but I decided to wait for the
kids. They never came of course. I blew my chance to get to
know this other parent and yes, she is female and kinda cute.

I did get a call from a homeowner that was renting out his
house so I went and checked it out. The home was nice and
clean. The family room was a little on the small side but
otherwise, it was good enough. I gave him 20 to run the
credit check and I will fax him the info in the morning.

The house is in a very good area. Good schools and good
neighborhood. Like I said on my earlier entries. This place
is where the rich and beautiful seem to live and that is
fine by me.

I'm home now and Ex don't even respond to me. I told her why
not just talk on the phone. Again, no replies. She just
wanted to fuck with my brains again today. Whatever.

I know good things are coming my way. It's just hard feeling
down at night when it gets quiet and my mind just wonders

Well, I guess I need to go figure out what I will have for
dinner. I should cook so that way, I have something to do
besides drink. Later diary...

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