The Crowed Loner
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2010-06-27 03:08:07 (UTC)

Pissed off?

I really like this one actor. Im not obsessed or anything
but idk i feel as if, if i met him we would really hit it
off. Anyway hes not as well know as others but he finally
got his second major role in a movie and the
well not the best he could possibley do. Its a drama but i
hate that he has to do all these criminal things . makes
him look bad. But u gotta do what u gotta do in the acting
industy. I wanna be an actress some day. Movies, T.v,
maybe stage work. Im in my drama club and the class, and
as far as i kno the teacher doesn't hate me. But i think i
have to be more out there with him because it seems my
friends get parts in plays while i just usher . . I will
get a part in a play....too bad its gonna have to be in
the musical cuz i didn't get in the play, i was
too "modern". More next time. Lov3 Uh Oh