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2010-06-27 02:11:17 (UTC)

I'm New

I just found this website the day after my uncle died. I
wasn't looking for anything when I looked up 'writing
websites' on google. I just wanted to find a website where
I could write and be heard or read what other people are
going through. I'm still not sure how all of this works
but I like the idea. I don't really spend much time on the
internet in the first place...I like to read and write and
that takes up the majority of my time. I love music, too!
I'm a creative person and very outgoing. I can be pretty
loud, too. My best friend is loud and standoffish and I'm
the person who is always looking for good in a person. I'm
told that that's not always a good thing but I don't think
it's that bad in moderation. I think we should all try to
see how the other people are smart and funny and nice and
only think about the positive until we're sure that
they've done something to us that's negative. I'm very
smart, too. I'm really good in math class because I have
OCD and it makes me count and do math pretty much with
anything to do with numbers. It's difficult sometimes but
it's also very helpful. I want to go to Harvard when I
graduate, which is actually pretty soon. I don't have a
boyfriend because I'm not looking. I think it causes drama
and there's already enough of that in my life and I'm sure
everyone elses.

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