2010-06-27 02:06:05 (UTC)

Stupid Parents

My mom used to be best friends with my friends mom. We'll
call my friend 'Sarah' and her mom 'Gina'. Well, my mom
and Gina were best friends until some drama came up and
now they hate eachother. So, today I was supposed to go to
Sarah's birthday party but my mom decided that she didn't
approve. Our parent's haven't spoken in two years but
Sarah and I are still really close and now I just blew off
her party because my mom wouldn't let me go or call her
and tell her. Now, my friendship with Sarah will probably
no longer exist but I think that's exactly what my mom is
aiming for because she hates Gina. I think it's all so
stupid, along with my mom for not letting me go because of
some stupid issue she has with Sarah's mom. Grrr :/!!!!

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