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2010-06-26 19:15:41 (UTC)

Please Forgive Me!!

I have suffered through a bad divorced, bankruptcy three
times, cancer twice and now losing my job. THIS SUCKS. I
just don't know what I did to deserve any of this??? It
is awful. I feel so useless and anxious. I'm anxious
about losing my unemployment and not being able to find a
job. I honestly wish I would've just DIED when I had
cancer!! I know God must have a plan for me, but I don't
know what it is???? :(

I am feeling so lonely and anxious today. It's such an
awful feeling, I can't even describe it. My stomach has
been tied up in knots.

I wish God would pull my number soon so I wouldn't have to
be here anymore!!! I don't like this world or anything in
it anymore!!!

I HATE the owner of where I worked. He is a selfish piece
of shit. He doesn't care WHOSE life he screwed as long as
HIS bottom line is protected!!

I dream of heaven, where there is no more cancer, no more
sadness, no more anxiety. I long to be there. I wish I
could kill myself but I know I can't, because then I
wouldn't go to Heaven!!!!

Please Jesus, forgive me for my sins. I am a bad person
and I'm sorry.