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2010-06-26 08:54:42 (UTC)

What part of "leave me alone" does Ex not understand?

Ex is still playing mind games with me. She keeps telling me
she misses me and is coming back. She of course is lying and
she never does. I already know all her excuse and I even
tell her what she if going to say later that week.

Sort of funny that I already can read her. Still, it does
piss me off when she uses the kids to make me feel bad. She
tells me they cry for me, ask for me, etc, etc, etc.

I finally replied with some harsh statements. I didn't swear
but I told her she needed to see a doctor. Her train of
thought is not right. She and only she is to blame for the
kids missing me and it is her controlling the kids from not
seeing me.I told her she is hurting the kids and that this
will effect how they grow up one day.

I asked her how can she look at herself in the mirror.
Staying under the other guy's roof while telling me you miss
me, love me and want to come back home. I asked how she can
share something as intimate as sex with two men? I told her
that I was ashamed of her and she disgusts me with her low
self esteem and how she treats me.

I know that family if full of liars. It is inevitable that
the younger kids will become like her. It's sad but it will
happen. They had a chance to have some morals with me but I
guess that I'm out of the picture.

If anything, ex has stopped emailing and texting me for
awhile. At least I get to relax for a few days.

Anyway, I have to go house hunting today. I think my ch7
will be discharge in a month or so and I will have to get
out of my home.

I plan on living at a great neighborhood in a place called
Folsom. I call it the land of the rich and beautiful. No
place is perfect but I just love this City. If I ever get
the kids, this place would be an awesome place for them to
grow up.

I don't know why but there are a lot of pretty women there
too. Must be the water. lol