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2010-06-26 09:11:03 (UTC)

The way you are

I need to believe in myself. I am not suppose to just
thinking about him. I should have known that he's just
playing on me. I'm not the perfect girl for him. My best
friend told me before...,

"If y0u falL in Love wiTh aNotheR, aNd he/she falL in
Love wiTh y0u, aNd tHen Love cHooSes t0 leAve,do n0t tRy t0
reClaim it or t0 aSsesS bLamE, Let iT g0. TheRe iS a reAson
aNd tHeRe iS a mEanIng. y0u wIlL kn0w iN tiMe.."

and i should have notice it. I'll take it as a lesson for me..

sometimes love is like..so what..??
but sometimes it is not a...so what