sam`s diary
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2010-06-26 08:27:58 (UTC)


hmm.. yesterday, 6-25-2010

-I had my first kiss with a guy on the lips.! I was so so so
happy, because my
first kiss was with a guy I liked! his name was Jan Joshua
D. Banzuela! we
played truth or dare, that's why he kissed me, but I felt
something, like a
spark! then later on, my best friend, Reina Vida S. Baldado,
dared Jan Joshua
to have a relationship with me! but he whispered to Reina
that, Samantha (me)
is taller than me.. but thats OK the main problem is, I
don't really know her,
then me, so emotional, I went with my other friend, and
reina had a talk with
Jan Joshua...and Jan Joshua knew that I had a crush on him,
and he talked to
me, but i ran away, because, i was so scared.!haha!and I
would not not talk
to him first, so me reina, remy, precious, and jan joshua,
went outside.. me
and reina were talking, and precious went home, remy just
sat and listened,
and jan joshua was playing with a ball, then a silence came,
Jan Joshua said
"hi samant" and I just faked smiled at him :].. Remy tolled
Jan that, "Jan, lets
go to the high school" and reina said "yeah,well go ahead"
-- something
like that... so me and reina went to my house, she slept
there, and we
practiced a role play that.. WHAT IF JAN WILL COURT ME... I
was me., and
reina was Jan, we already knew that he was going to court we
practices, it was really funny! oh yeah, by the way, Reina
told me that when
she talked with Jan, Jan said that he had a crush on me
because I was
cute..ayeee.! then we called Jan on my phone, Reina talked
first, she said that
"you know Sam's here" and Jan said "can I talk to her?" so I
answered the
phone, but we put it on load speaker mode he told me that
"you know sam, I
have a crush on you" and i said "ohw, I have a crush on you
too" then thats it
for that day, we were so excited on going to school tomorrow..


When we woke up, we were so excited, we waited for Jan, but
he was so late,
so we went to the flag and we thought he was absent, when we
went out of
the classroom, we saw him with Remy, so I ran to Reina and
told her Jan was
not absent, Then, we sat near the tree, jan and Remy were
playing, and
Keanna(has a crush on Jan) and Jasmine( Jan's ex-girlfriend,
and best frind of
keanna) were playing with jan, i felt jealous so I went
upstairs, me and reina
played truth or dare, the Jasmine and Keanna showed up and
joined us, I
dared Jasmine that "You dont have a crush on Jan right? so
go to Jan and tell
him that" -- cuz f she wont, jan might not court we
later Jan felt mad with me and Reina, me and Reina were all
so sad, because
yesterday was nothing because he did not mind us
today...then later on,.he's adviser told reina that why did
we push Jan in the cr ---- where we kissed, we thought Jan
told his adviser so, I text him if he was the one who told
hid adviser, and if he was mad with me.. he replied that
no,I did not tell ma'am, maybe Precious did..and I'm not mad
with you i'm mad with Jasmine... and thats that.. I just
want to keep this in my memory, so.! the END!! ill update
more next time..