firend that I tell everything
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2010-06-25 12:46:51 (UTC)


Today is a special day. I know diaries are suppose to be
written after the day ends. But I'm going to break some rules.
Anyways, today is a weird day. I got a party that starts at
21:30. And finishes when evr we want till the next day?. and
well... I'm going back with a taxi. with My friends... and
sleep at one of there house. But th ehting is She didnt
invited I had to invite myself... I feel weird cause I
mean.. I feel that she wouldnt to begin with. I texted my
two bestfriends and they havnt answered me... no one is
online to chat.... and I feel.. well horribly lonely xD.
but still... i wanna party so hard, just party, and dont
care what evryone says, dont care what peopel think about
me... and stuff.. but I do care if I'm loved or if im
someones friends.

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