Confessions of madness
2010-06-24 22:47:21 (UTC)

Vibrators never argue back.

So life isn't too bad. Ive got in contact with an old friend
who i haven't spoken to for yeeaarrs, me and Sixx are doing
rather well and ive passed my first year of college with a
Im taking each day as it comes and im not too bad for it. Im
aparently a backstabbing terrible friend but honestly, if
thats the way she feels, to hell with her, shes a raging
hypocrit with a mustash.
Sixx is great to me and for once hes not afraid to have me
near his friends which is nice. And he lovveess mee :D He
makes me act like a little girl again (not in a perverted
way), he just reminds me why being with a guy is fun rather
then my Ex who saw a relationship as a chore, Sixx sees it
as a promise to each other that we'll have fun together,
just us two against the world, together. And the sex is good.
Another thing, he seems to talk alot about how good i am in
front of them while around me so im going to take that as a
Though im pretty down seeing as their band is playing this
weekend but i can't make it seeing as i have work. But i
can't put off work because i haven't worked in two weeks
thanks to my boss so i need the money :(
So life is good. To end this entry i shall leave you with
this conversation between me and my mother the otherday.
"Kitten, you are worth much more of those people. You have
done nothing wrong and a true friend would see past this."
"Thanks mom, your right"
"I know. But hey, Kitten? You remember we are moving house
and people are going to come look around the house.."
"Yeah mom i'll tidy a bit.."
"No thats fine, just please don't leave the reciepts for
your vibrators on the floor.. Love you"