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2010-06-24 15:26:43 (UTC)

Deepest Desire

So, I was analyzing my life as I always do while listening
to John Legend "Take me away," and I was almost in tears.
It's amazing how songs can describe how you’re feeling to
a "T" when you're unable to do so. An undeniable match
between the lyrics and the melody are the voice of your
hearts deepest desires, and one of mine is to be taken
someplace where love is like breathing. It is through this
song that I get a glimpse of what it will feel like to be
needed because I am loved to my core, and if I were ever
unable to express my love verbally, I can rely on an
undeniable match between lyrics and melody to voice my
hearts deepest desires; where love is there am I.
So, “Take me away from here, take me somewhere, where love
is like breathing, I don’t care where we go, long as I’m
there with you.” J. Legend