Inside My Mind...
2010-06-24 11:00:58 (UTC)

No title

The same reason I once wanted to stay,
is now the same very thing driving me away.

They say the things that bring us joy will also make us
& there's no such thing as hopeless if you believe.

"I'm okay, yeah I'm fine"...
that's what I tell myself in my mind...

I lied.

I'm not fine and I'm not okay...
WAIT! Is that the sun you say?

oh, my bad it's the same ol' gray.

A color I've become well acquainted with,
we might as well be in a relationship.

Time heals all wounds, but can it mend this gash?
Prove me right, the world already has.

but hey, you can't always smile it's called life; enjoy the

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