The Easy and The Not so Easy Life of Me
2010-06-23 23:45:02 (UTC)

6/23/2010 the worst yet good day

Today was the worst day ever! OKay so here it goes the guy
of myyy dreams saw me at my favorite store JCPENNY'S and i
saw him in the guys department and i started walking up to
him when all of a sudden i tripped over the jeans i was
getting he saw the whole thing! And then when i waas
running away i ran into my teacher MR. MEYERS soooo
embarassssing :( i felt as if i was going to die! That guy
texted me and said ," hey clumsy cutie." it was soo sweet
and embarassing. He then asked me out! So i had the best
day ever except i had to buy the ripped jeans i tripped on
and my teachers coffee and shirt ;) Love you all !
P.S i will write on the 25th if possible
P.S.S i have to get braces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!