Random Thoughts From Megg To Izzie
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2010-06-22 22:48:20 (UTC)

Love? What Is It?

love isnt how many times you kiss that boy or how many
times you have sex
its looking into someones eyes and seeing you its
everytime they touch your hand having butterlys in your
tummy its knowing that sense of security when ever there
round, its not letting a day go by with out thinkng about
them, its being able to let them go so they can be happy

one day i will feel this, i mean yeah granted i have lil
crushes and say love you to randomers like but love is a
strong word i hate when people say 'i think i love you'
when they aint met them yet, e.g. kayleigh, she texted jac
it when she said to me she fucking hates him, and shes
never met him!

love is based not just looks but personality, and when you
love someone you dont just love em for the good but for
the bad aswell x

also, you should never lead anyone on its mean! x

and never
or anything else

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