2010-06-22 22:47:38 (UTC)

Overview from the last few months of my life

2010 begun very sad for me because my big love fell in love
with this other friend of mine.. but after they got together
i got over him right away, thank god!

Then this other guy came along and told me he had feelings
for me, let's call him "A". Since i've allways thought he
was one of the cutest boys at school i got things going with
him. But then things didn't work out so very good and i
acted like a total bitch.. i ignored his cute textmessages
and were really trying to show him that i were no longer
And as i slowly let him down, this other guy told me that he
was thinking a lot about me and that he thought he started
to get feelings for me. So as stupid and coldhearted as i
was, i went for him.. (Let us call him "B") And without
telling A about it. I stood at the cafeteria at school
making out with B as A sat near by watching!! omg, i hate
myself for not telling A that i didn't feel the same way
instead of doing it that way..

And as the time went by i started to miss A, so i went back
and forth and back and forth between A and B for a couple
weeks.. I was so damn confused.

But one day that i was "on" with A, he said he liked someone
else.. and i was crushed! i liked him so much i thought i
would die. After a while i was of course back on B and stuck
with him for a couple weeks. I even lost my virginity to him.
Then suddenly A breaks up with the other girl and tells me
that he still had feelings for me.. i didn't know what to do.

Unfortunately i told B it was over and went back to A.
Then two days later A told me that it didn't work because he
didn't wanna destroy he's friendship with B!!! omg, when did
they become friends?! they always used to hate each other :s
Anyway.. B talked about how much he loved me and that he
needed me and all that crap. So i started back with him

And now that it's summer and i won't see him in two months
he said he didn't wanna think about us and that he was sick
of me and that everyday without me is great. He told me he
is going to have sex with an other girl tomorrow and that
nobody wants me. That was just like 5% of all the shit he
told me. So now i totally really hate him and i will never
ever go back to neither one of those guys.