Random Thoughts From Megg To Izzie
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2010-06-22 22:30:19 (UTC)

chloe baker

wll fathers day went to my dads, met up with my brither
toby and we all went to the monument, it was good dad had
ago at the mager and we ate ice cream :) but toby had a
blackeye as he been fighting because he been dealing
drugs :/ anyway iv been really worried and stressed about
him and havent been myself, and you know me with my anger
problems, haha. well im sitting in maths at the front
alone as usual and a bit down in the dumps because of
toby, and chloe baker sends me a note

are you okay megs?

yeah, dwbi x

i do worry u r my mate

dwbi chloe i be ok

u shud tell me tho

i sed not to worry

well tell me

i dont want to

just say


u moan when dnt have mates n u moan when u do

i aint moaning chloe u got to deal with it i dnt wanna
tell you!

why u being bitchy

omg chloe i got probs with my bro okay happy now,

fgs meg

leave me alone!!

thats how it ended because then she said to rachel out
loud so i heard omg she always frikken moans and is always
bitchy so i lost it..

oh fuck you chloe!! and walked outta class, punched the
wall, jamie m asked what happened i didnt explain in
detail, i calmed down and went back in then on facebook
she was all bitchy i say look got shit to say say to my
face and today she acts like my mest mate.

aaah whats up with these people?? x

oh well

2 chloe's in 2 weeks !! x

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