Confessions of madness
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2010-06-22 22:09:30 (UTC)

The one about the Ex.

So this is a huuuge bitch about J because i can and because
it makes me feel sane.
So it all started off when i started dating this guy,
Bushman. She was his long time ago ex and i started hanging
out with everyone in town including her and we became good
friends. I later find out through my boyfriend that she was
trying to sleep with him while i was with him. That bothered
me but i wasn't going to kick off because i trusted him. As
soon as we split up, they start fooling around together.
We stay friends because i had no problem with it cause he
was a dick to me. She then later on left him for his much
older (20 odd) brother. She was 14.
Then she later gets with this guy who i shall name as Skin.
They seem quite close and they were together for a while but
she leaves him because he was too clingy. Then our other
friend Whale got with him pretty much straight afterwoulds.
I then admittedly date him but then straight after me, whale
jumps back in and then them two get engaged. They broke up.
A while later i almost fell in love with him, we became very
close and we planned on having children and moving away, he
has Skitzophrenia badly and he tried to rape me. Whale and J
both are furious about this and do a curse on him and hate
him alot of course. J then fucks him and dates him a week
after his raping atempt without a care about how i felt.
Now Whale is trying to get back with him.
J can't seem to hold onto a guy. She dumped Skin cause he
was too clingy, then Sixx because he didn't see her enough,
she dumped bushman for the millionth time after taking his
virginity while he was drunk because she wasn't getting
enough sex from him and then she dumped another guy because
she was getting TOO MUCH sex from him.
She can't make up her mind.
J also has to be ULTRA GOTH. All the time. She wears sexy
gothic underwear even to bed. She only buys ANYTHING if its
black, red or has GOTH written all over it. Shes a
satanist/wiccan. She owns every goth book imaginable and her
room is as black as hell wants to be. She just has to look
and feel the part at all times. Because she looks "cool" and
is rebelling against society.
Shes a bad girlfriend too, because she attention seeks.
While with Sixx, she cut her own wrists infront of him. When
he chose his band over her, she said she was pregnant. I was
really worried for her and asked her how long ago was it
that she had unprotected sex with him and she replied "2
days." i then later on find she was also on the injection so
there was not a hope in hell she was actually pregnant. But
then she makes it out that SHES the victim in all this when
actually its her own fault they split up because she
couldn't be second best while he joined a new band and had
to learn the lyrics so he could do well on his college music
When they did break up, all she went on about is how much
he'd hurt her which he hadn't the only person that had said
anything really was Sixx's loudmouth friend who couldn't
stand to let J fuck around with his head.
And if it wasn't about that it was about sex. Sex this, sex
that. She wouldn't stop talking about how many guys wanted
to fuck her and get with her. She even went around telling
people that me and Whale wanted to date her which was a bit
of a shock to us considering we hadn't said such things.
Whale now hates me too because aparently i am acting like a
child in a playground and how i obviously don't know what
being a friend means. Shes a fine one to talk. She kept on
going on about if i was prepaired to loose two friends for
this GUY but frankly a week ago this GUY was such a good
friend to her and she was all over him. But because its me
its suddenly so wrong. She went on to say how if she was in
position she would push back any feelings because her
friends mean more. She obviously didn't take that advice
herself. She talks about being childish and pathetic when
actually at this current moment she is supposed to be dating
this very nice guy who she fucked but then the next day
fucked one of J's ex's and is now in love with him but can't
decide between the two and can't be assed to tell the other
she doesn't want him because that would mean effort and
having to tell him.
Whale has dumped more men then ive had showers (I.E alot).
She doesn't keep them for very long because very soon shes
found a new guy to keep her occupied. Take her FIANCE for
example. She was with him and engaged to him for ooh about 6
months but cheated on him numerous times some of them while
HE was in the room. She has been engaged twice within the
last couple of years. And also had about 30 guys roughly.
Atleast half of them she cheated on, the others she got
pissed off with for stupid reasons.
Now i don't get how im the childish one? Atleast i was
actually worried about hurting her feelings. I knew she
wasn't going to like it but i'd rather she heard through me,
straight off rather then her finding out through someone
else or the internet. I didn't think that was right. But oh
dear, i have no morals i guess.