Lis Logic
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2010-06-22 09:48:38 (UTC)

Entirely Uncreative

My name is Alyssa. Lyss is better. I turned 18 in December.
I'm 5'5 with brown hair and technically hazel eyes. I'm not
skinny and I'm not fat. I'm not sure how to describe that in
an honest way. My nails are bitten down as short as they go
without being extremely painful.
I'm very plain. I don't wear make-up and I don't wear
flashy clothes. My clothes consist of mostly dark colored
shirts and blue jeans. I tried eye liner at one point. I
looked like a hooker. I adore Soft Lips. Its a sort of
chapstick, I guess. I just think it smells pretty and feels
soft like flower petals.
I've got really bad eyesight. I'm not sure on the technical
part but I can probably see clearly for about a foot or so
in front of my face. A few years ago, I finally got glasses
for it. I can't remember what it was like to go all those
years without seeing things in detail. Sometimes I go
without glasses or contacts just to remind myself what the
world looks like with nothing but colors and shapes.
My memory is horrible. I have no idea why. Sometimes I
think its because my eyesight was so bad that it took longer
for me to remember details of my day. Maybe its because I
didn't play enough memory as a child. Not funny, I know. Its
always been one of the things that terrify me most. What if
my memory gets worse?
I love my family and wish I spent more time with them. My
gramma had four children. Three sons and my mother. Mom has
three kids. Me, my brother, and my sister. I love my dad
too. My uncles all have at least two kids. That's a lot of
effort and a long story. It'll have to be saved for a
separate entry.
I've had the same friends since middle school. They're all
good and bad in their own ways but I love them all to death.
I don't know what I'd do without them. Probably stalk them
on facebook.
Right now, I'm still in high school. Its hard for me
because all my friends graduated last week. I've seen all
sorts of pictures online of their big grins and graduation
caps. I couldn't be more proud but I find it hard to be
happy. I wanted to be graduating with them. More long
stories. All that's important from this is that I'm not
graduated yet.
Hopefully before the end of November I'll be finished. I
don't drive. I drove once and got pulled over. It wasn't for
my bad driving. It wasn't that I was going too fast or too
slow. It was because my cousin decided to hang off the side
of the car. Very smart. Good thing he ended up being the
only one to get a fine, huh? Anyway, I'll be driving soon.
If I could only save three things in a fire(aside from
family and pets), I would save my pictures, laptop, and cell
phone. That's just me talking right now, though. Tomorrow it
might be something else. Something like the bottle of coke
sitting next to me. Pepsi comes in close second. Cherry coke
My dreams... I dream about becoming a vet and a part time
writer. I know that dreams don't always come true. I may end
up working at Alfy's for the rest of my life. Its just an
exaggeration but you get the idea. I don't need people to
tell me to think realistically. I already do.
Time for a random break. Facts: I've never drank alcohol,
smoked, done drugs, or had sex. Two of which will never
happen. I'm sure you can guess which. If you can't, oh well.
Someday I'm going to create my own family. I'm going to
marry the boy I love and have a baby boy and girl.
Hopefully. After helping raise my baby sister, I feel like I
want a baby boy right now. To be honest, I have the urge to
kidnap every baby boy I see. Don't worry. I won't actually
do it.
My favorite holiday will always be whichever is closest.
Picking just one is too much effort and there's not much of
a point to it anyway. I like them all for different reasons.
Halloween you get to dress up and scare children. Christmas
is a family holiday with the added bonus of presents. The
4th of July has pretty fireworks and parades. Birthdays are
celebrating birth. There's not much to dislike about it. You
wouldn't exist without it.
Anyway, I'm running out of things to talk about and I've
still got chores to do before I can pass out. G'night.