My Thoughts
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2010-06-21 17:05:28 (UTC)


I'm having a series of mysterious events taking place in
my life right now and I think I need to take advantage of
this time to develop my own decision making process. A
couple of the things I admire most about some of the men I
encounter are their decision making processes and their
ability to do what works for them first, and may benefit
you later, if you’re paying attention. A good friend of
mine, at least that is what I call him, gave me some
excellent advice this weekend that when deciding to cut
people out of your life, seek closure in a way that will
work for you first and if the other person is paying
attention may benefit them later, however, if you miss one
detail, your counterparts will somehow seem to always
outwit your entire discernment process, and you will be
left feeling like a fish out of water while they stand
there watching you gasp for air; or, if you are paying
attention, you will learn something new about them that
will help you to better understand some of the reasons
behind their behavior and how you can leave the situation
believing you did everything in your power to fight for
what you have in mind. This weekend I was paying attention
and I think it’s time for me to get my head in the game.
But, the thing that I dislike with a passion about this
game is that you never really know what kind of affect you
have on someone’s life until something drastic takes
place, and it is less like me to be the counterpart that
stands there watching someone else gasp for air. My game
is heart first; I would rather be the fish out of water
then have someone left feeling open and empty. Too bad
everyone does not feel the same way, not even the people
you call your good friends. Is there any way I can do it
my way strategically? I need to find it. A better question
is why I should even have to strategize? Does strategy
even belong in intimate relationships?