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2010-06-21 03:03:31 (UTC)

Entry 1: Where do I start?

I'm Mikaylah. I'm __ years old and my life is crazy! Hens
the title of my diary. I have no where else to talk really,
since I am slow at writing so hand written diary is out of
the picture. If I talk about any of what I plan on talking
about in here, to my parents, well lets just say I will get
more then I bargained for. So this is the story of my life!
Ooohhh I really put all of that in the about me section. Oh
So lets see. I was born in Germany, I have blond hair brown
eyes. I have two sisters and a brother (All of which are
half) My sisters and I share a different dad and my brother
and I share a different mom. I just found out all of the
little info just about a year ago, which was def. some big
news. I've lived all over the place because my dad is in the
Military. I currently live in ____. Haha, I'm so secretive.
Well here is for present day stuff. My boyfriend and I just
broke up. I still have feelings for him. Now another guy
likes me, even though he is a great friend but I don't think
he is my kind of boyfriend material. Oh and I should mention
that my parents just told me that they are going to get a
divorce. Poor me right? I am sooo confused right now! I have
dance, cheer-leading, divorcing parents, boys! What am I
going to do in this crazy life? OMG why wont my ex just quit
sweet talking me? He just told me that he misses me and
wants me back. I don't know what to do!