Confessions of madness
2010-06-20 22:04:13 (UTC)

Im still dead, but with no morals now.

So me and Sixx are just getting closer and closer. He came
round after work to spend some time with me and boy does he
make me smile. Just everything about me and him click. The
way we move together, the way we sing in harmony to our
favourite songs, how he can read my every emotion and turn
it into a giggle.
Its definatly offical now though because his band all know
now because of my friend Bee who i told who texted them all
so they now know. Which means we have to face college
together as a couple which im not looking forward to because
their ass of a guitarest hates my guts for some strange
reason so im fucked.
I also had my serial killer wannabe of a stalker call me up
and telling me i had no morals so basically im a shit friend
and a slut.
I sent J a email only a few moments back telling her the
situation about how terrible i felt and how i couldn't help
shake these feelings i have for him. Sixx said that i must
have morals to be so concerned for my friendship but then
again hes not the one whos gunna get murdered.
Perhaps i am such a fucking bad friend. I hate having to do
this but i really do like this guy, more then ive liked a
guy in most likely over a year or two.
There are times like now where i wonder why the fuck i
didn't die when i was lying in hospital, my life passing by me.