Life of The Nao
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2010-06-20 17:12:32 (UTC)

Wow. Saudi heat.

Well hai there dairy dearest!
I kinda blacked out at night and woke up at 12 in the arvo
like "Holy shit its 12 :O where'd my sweet, sweet dreams get
too?" And like. I had ice cream and, some more ice cream.
You know :D.
Today mommeh and i went on the bus to, err, jarir and i hads a
huge ass ice cream and im bloated. The sun killed :O it was
like *gasssp* unbreathable. -- wow that totally was a word.
We gave the bus driver a mini scoop of Jamaican almond fudge
icey :D awww.
And now i'm at home, kinda sleepy, loading House, HOUSE!!
Hopefully i shall write in this little dairy everyday :3 maybe
moar than once a day and.. for now, goodbaii :)