The life of the Laughing one
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2010-06-20 06:11:02 (UTC)

Why hello there :)

Hello Hello :)

Well I think I should start my diary by telling you guys
alittle about myself. First off ...I LOVE to laugh :P I
dont think I have ever been a day without laughing. It is
the cure to any unhappiness and a great way to just forget
about all the troubles in your life.

Now laughing is not the only thing I do. I also love
sports, art, music, and anything to do with nature and the
enviroment. I plan to make a difference when Im older,
probably having to do with saving the rain forest or
protecting endangered species. Who knows... Maibe you will
see my picture in national geographics some day or the
discovery channel :P Hey, a girl can dream :)

Here are some other interesting and gripping facts about
me :P

1.My favorite colour is bleu or green or orange... Well it
changes :P

2. Familly and friends are the most important thing in life
to me.

3. I love the oldies when it comes to music. Ex: Beatles,
Queen, the beach boys. I also love bands like Muse,
Metric,Mayday parade, Headley, boy like girls, Jack's
Mannequin...The list goes on and on, beleive me! I could
write my whole diary about the bands I like :P

4.I LOVEEEE to read :)I am a bit of an addict.

5. From number 4.. you have probably come to the conclusion
that I am somewhat of a nerd... If so you are right :) And
I am proud to show it :P

6. I am a total dady's girl. my dad is sort of my twin. We
just get each other.

So That is me :D

I though as a closing to my introduction note I would put a
post from one of my favorite sites M.L.I.A ( My Life Is

so here it is:

Today, I found out that when I was a baby, my mom was so
freaked out about being a new mom that she turned the baby
monitor's volume up so loudly that they could even hear me
breath... and apparently, that was when my father started
having nightmares about Darth Vader. MLIA