Random Thoughts From Megg To Izzie
2010-06-19 22:52:21 (UTC)


well, i think i have trouble sleeping, that or from all the
lying dpwn iv been doing while been off ill i just needed
to be awake as i didnt go to sleep till like 5am this
morning, im not sure possitivly but i do know i logged off
msn and fcebook at 4.49am i mean you would think there
would be nobody to talk to but there was, ed tennant was
onmline, i asked him why, he thinks sleep is a waste i was
like righteo then!! ed is the son of beaver leader becky,
but i dont think he knows i go to scouts/exploeres and
young leader, i also go to same school as him, well not no
more as he just left lol, any way when i finally did get to
sleep, i was then woken up my dion at 8ish from her
singing 'keeeeeep holdiing ooon cuz u know we'll amek it
through make it through' out of tune over and over,
planning on getting back to sleep, which didnt happen, mum
then came into the room asking me to finish the fish i had
previously doing ..earlyhours of thismorning, i say k, but
let me get a cuppa tea and breakfast first! but.. low and
behold the only breakfast thats there is rank and what is
there that i like is anough to feed a minute micro
organisms flea! anyway i grab some quavers and take my
decaff green tea upstairs, which is very nice actually,
when i had finished the fish i attempted to go back to
sleep, i just felt so nackered, but i couldnt, then mum
explained that it probably means iv had to mmuch sleep i
was like yeah right! as i lay on her bed wondering if i
could just drop off she has a phone call of becky, she
turns to me, hangs up, and says 'great news meg, you can
come today' i died inside.
so after i found out my day was to be fullfilled with me
helping a bunch of little kids use fishing rods that
constently broke to pick up paper fish that i previously
drew i was thinking time to change, in all fairness my
station was the most boringest by far, so i swapped with
mum or 'chipmunk' rather, which was jellyfish making lol, i
had fun there and made a jely fish lol, then it was finally
time to go, how impressed was i, untill i found out that
dion, my little sister who is 7, mate was coming round to
stay the night, they are currently sleeping which is good,
but the girl is attached to me, and she keeps pinching my
arse, i feel awkward lol, well i actually feel tired now
and i think sleep is good so im going to hit the hay,
church tomorow.. well goodnight all..xx

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