It's not rumours when its the truth
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2010-06-19 15:51:42 (UTC)

Her, yeah that one the fat one.

19th June 2010. 11:50pm

She came bounding up the pavement her amazingly large thighs
wiggled and jiggled with each step her chest was forced out,
her chin held high (i think that was so her second chin was
less noticeable) but her cheeks shook aswell, it was her the
fat one.
Her name: Lulu, she was the school 'bullie' although it's
not what she intended on being called she thought she was
popular a model to everyone else, she had no idea she was
hated among the other students.
Her so called 'friends' tagged along side her there shoes
shuffled along the floor they tryed the chest sticky out
thing but it didn't quite work aswell because they did not
have the glorious fortune of having the jiggly wiggly look
about them.
I on the other hand i am quite thin and small compared to
her yet i think i could beat her at her game, not in the
physical department as i couldn't stand to drown in all her
blubber but in the mental stat, i will expose her find
things that will bring her down.

p.s look out for the entries that will be made about Lulu,
as i expose her!