The Apocalypse
2010-06-18 21:12:59 (UTC)


As I've said earlier me and Monica are engaged, the
feeling of knowing I am engaged to someone as special as
her is amazing. I won't lie though, it comes with its
struggles. Mostly those struggles consist of her sister.
Her sister is the one who makes most of the decisions of
what she can and can not do. We are only allowed every
other weekend,and no more spending nights with eachother.
This to me defeats the purpose of being engaged. Isn't
being engaged about being able to spend more time
together? What other engaged couples are there that have
basically visting hours. I try not to get mad because I
know this isn't Monicas fault but it does still get to me.
Its so hard to keep dealing with all this but I will
because Monica is my life, she is my everything. Hopefully
when we have a talk with her sister this will all change
but I want this weekend so bad it hurts. We can't have
next weekend because I have Bray all weekend to make some
money towards the GA trip to go meet Monicas dad. I know
she probably thinks I forgot we were suppose to go to the
movies but I didn't I plan on going to an evening movie on
Monday after she is done watching her neice.