Life In My Words
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2010-06-18 20:14:43 (UTC)

about mee..

here are some things about me. i just kinda realized you
people dont really know me.. hahaha

_i say what i want to people. so people think im a bitch
when really i just say what i want

_music is my life. no joke.

_i dont really like people

_i like singing

_i like rock and rap. and alternative weird stuff that no
one else likes

_i actually love little kiddies

_i want to be a child trauma psychologist

_i want two kids. Garret Steven and Lily Alison

_i want a sunflower kitchen when i get my own house. ive
wanted it since i was three

_i overthink things a lot

_i like using the little _ sign if you havent noticed

_ive always been an outsider. i like it more that way

_i like hanging out with guys more than girls. im not a
butch, theyre just easier

_i have an obsession with even numbers. things have to be

_i have a huge crush on Nico Tortorella. and if you dont
know who that is go to youtube right now look up the
beautiful life. hes Cole

_i have strange taste in guys

_people say i have a gaydar. i can tell whos gay and metro
and straight

_i honestly hate texting. but i do it all the time

_i have to have sound when i fall asleep

_i broke my toe two nights ago. random, but true. i felt
like it belonged in this entry

_i like reading i just dont do it very often

_i hate drama but i always have to help people with it

_im all for a cleaner more eco friendly world, but hummers
are just so freaking cool

_i like taking walks

_i like experimenting with my makeup

_im not a risk taker

_im not outdoorsy

_i wear lucky perfume

_this is freaking long

_i have weaknesses..pajamas, underwear, and slippers

_i could care less if i wear the right clothes. why should
i care? ive been popular and i hated it

well um thats it. tell me if you liked reading about me cuz
i might do this again if anyone cares. send me feedback cuz
you know i love hearing from you. no, not you. move over.
yes, you. right there. (:


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