My thoughts
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2010-06-18 16:12:54 (UTC)


Like an idiot I went out and mowed the yard. I forgot
sunscreen. I got fried. That was 2 days ago. I managed to
get in the tub to soak in luke warm water last night. I
had to have Tonys help putting on vinegar to take some of
the sting out of the burn. Like normal it stung like crazy
then got a few hours of sleep. Still can't get my arms
over my head. I haven't washed my hair in 3 days! It is
driving me crazy. It itches. I sent him a text asking if I
could have it washed. He wanted to know how much it would
cost! I asked him yesterday evening if he would help me
wash it. He said maybe. Well, maybe didnt even come close.
I sent him a text reminding him that he said he might
help. He text me back saying that I only asked him to put
lotion on my burn. So to sum it up, I am suppose to sit
here and have the burn itch and have my head itch too. I
did ask if he had a problem that I go buy Apple Cider
Vinegar and a spray bottle. He asked why and how much that
would cost. It is okay for him to go spend money on shit
he wants but if I say I am buying something he doesn't see
necessary he starts with the how much does that cost do we
really need it? Grrrr.

He hasnt really been talking to her. But that is because
he is scared someone will get her email address. Reality
is if they wanted it all they have to do is call the bank
and ask for it. Email isn't highly private not even with a
bank. Her saying that she really liked him & they could of
had a good life together was probably right. The fact that
she can say I wonder what it feels like to fuck you these
days... well both bother me. He says I have no right to be
jealous because he isnt doing anything with her. Like it
is something I can control. I could swear that I married
him and that gives me a right to be jealous and
territorial of him.

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