Random Thoughts From Megg To Izzie
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2010-06-18 12:48:57 (UTC)

Natural Or New?

Well i have never died my hair never had highlights
nothing! and i was wondering, as the hair i have now i
hate, for many reasons, such as its to thick its an ugly
colour and well its wild! and its been through alot! i was
thinking if i dyed my hair, i could be the new me, i have
changed alot recently and i think dyeing my hair would
show it, i have sked around what people think, and these
are the choices so far...

-bright blonde
-one blonde up from light brown
-lightbrown like chocolatey
-blonde but not too bright
-blonde highlights

now i have asked a few people if i should dye my hair and
i have asked a few people what colour^^^

black i dont want! i think i want a blonde but now its
what sort of blonde,

im also thinking, shall i change my style..
at the moment it comes to say chest length, and i have a
box fringe --thin.

people think i should defo dye it and defo change style

im just stuck oin what to dooooo!!!