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2010-06-17 19:39:44 (UTC)

Wine tasting

Well well well.... Tonight was interesting. I went to a wine
tasting at our neighborhood supermarket. The group was an
older bunch. Kinda boring but I as usual had my wine. They
served the usual tri tip, cheese, garlic bread, veggies,
etc. I actually got introduced by this one older gentlemen
that I know. That's all it took.

I was on my b-berry doing my thing when people started
coming over to chat. They were older but later on, I started
getting introduced to their daughters. hahaahaa. I can't
complain. I know I know. Man whore. haha.

I got invited by this older lady to continue with the wine
drinking. I think it was to introduce me to her unwed
daughter. She was cute.

Anyway, I just needed to see that I'm not as fucked up as my
ex makes me to be. Maybe, just maybe I'm not such a bad
person and I am considered not a bad catch.

I didn't do anything bad. I do feel better though. At least
I feel better about myself.

I come home and see a note on my laptop. Apparently, ex came
by this morning to visit me. She said that she came by but I
wasn't home. Duh!!! No shit Sherlock!! I was working. I've
been working the same hrs only for the past 9 years!!! She
must be getting desperate. Her back pocket is empty and she
must not be used to it. Well, I say fuck you to that. I
haven't responded to her
emails or texts. I think this was the best move I ever made.

Stil, What a psycho!!! She lives under the roof of a guy she was
and/or is still fucking and she has the nerve to come here.
I don't understand it and I don't want to let her play mind
games with me.

I'd rather be a man whore! haha....

Tonight was nice. I like that fact that other people see me
as a nice person and I can actually feel good about myself.

I was starting to question myself lately. For tonight, at
least just one night, I can sleep without any stress. I sure
could use it.

Good night for now diary. Good night to you too Michelle
from Michigan if you are reading this.

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