Random Thoughts From Megg To Izzie
2010-06-17 15:47:39 (UTC)

Thought I Might Say

So Today Ive Just Been Stuck At Home, Bored Stuff..To
Ill :/

But Thought I Might Say About Jacques...

So I had a mate called james, who introduced me to his
mate jac, who was going out with this girl lucy.
anyway long story short...
lucy was obsessed and hated that me and jac got on so
well, we were distant couisins very distant but she still
thought there was something going on between

Jac kind of got obssessed, The Constent Emails And Texts
And Visits Got A Bit Annoying,But i Coped, It Went On For
Months!!! Somedays I Felt Maybe I Liked Him Back, But
Didnt Want To Go Out With Him For Many Reasons, like he is
2 years older, and has already had sex. im lot looking for
anyting at all like that yet..anyway we go out to the park
one very hot day, and well yeah i made a huuge mistkae but
kinda felt pressured into hugging him on the floor arms
round eachother, nose wrestling..and well he kinda kissed
me, and well i knda kissed back. and i regret it!
anyway after all that drama, i said to him look, we are
not going out and it just dont feel right and he's like
ooh and im like what ever, anyway now he is after all my
mates, probably to make me jelous but quitefrankley i aint
bothered.. i have to much to think of!! x

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